A Lunch (Or Two) at Bistro To Go.

TS is always looking for a good reason to indulge in a nice work-day lunch, and thanks to a recent special on Groupon, we decided to give Bistro To Go (BTG) a try…twice. We convinced ourselves that we were really just doing our due diligence, and not looking for a good excuse to feast in the middle of the work-day. It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it.

Hidden in a small location near the Pierremont Commons, BTG offers a concept similar to that of Fairfield Market. While BTG only serves lunch in-house, it also offers a variety of “market items,” that patrons can purchase to take home and serve later, such as casseroles, dips, soups and salads. While some items remain in-stock, we think it would be better to call ahead and order these items for pick-up if you are so inclined.

On our first trip to BTG, we went early, hoping to beat the lunch rush. Upon our
arrival, we perused the menu, as well as a few specials that were listed on the
chalkboard. Overall, we found an eclectic mix of sandwiches, salads and plate
lunches, as well as a diverse selection of side items.  S. was immediately
intrigued by the smoked Gouda and pimento cheese sandwich, particularly since it was offered with an optional fried green tomato on top. In deference to her desire to feel mildly less guilty about that selection, she also ordered a
strawberry salad on the side. S. really liked the salad and found it to be
light and refreshing, then devoured the delicious sandwich in record time. She
was thrilled at the way the fried green tomato complemented the sandwich, and
gives BTG props for the unusual pairing. N. chose the special burger of the
day, with a side of pasta salad. He liked the burger, which was substantial,
but was not overwhelmed by his pasta salad; however, N. admits that he can be
unusually picky about pasta salad in general, and his lack of enthusiasm may
just be more indicative of personal preference than any fault in the dish.
Since we were on a culinary roll, we both ordered dessert, with N. opting for
the bread pudding while S. chose the fudge pecan pie. Both desserts were
absolutely divine, and we agreed we would definitely order them again.

On our second visit to BTG, S. could not resist ordering the Gouda sandwich again, but chose to try the loaded potato salad as a side item. The sandwich was
equally as good as the first time, and the potato salad was some of the best
we’ve ever had in Shreveport. Our only complaint was that the cheese that
garnishes all the dishes at BTG is clearly the pre-shredded, powdery, packaged
kind. Since these types of cheeses are fairly tasteless, we wish BTG didn’t
employ this shortcut when so many other items are clearly fresh and
high-quality. Though he was tempted by the special of smoked Gouda grits with
shrimp and Tasso, N. instead ordered the pot roast and a side of gumbo, and
found both to be delicious and satisfying. Our only low-point on this trip was
that we arrived at 12:30, to an obviously packed house, and many of the dessert
selections had already run out. If you plan on catching lunch at BTG, we’d
advise going as early as possible, so you beat the rush and ensure your claim
on dessert.

As for service, both out experiences at BTG were acceptable, though the servers
seemed to struggle somewhat during our second and most busy visit. However,
considering the high volume of customers, we still felt that we received what
we expected for a crowded, noon-time diner. Also of note, while the décor is
pleasant and the layout open, the acoustics at BTG amplify the noise level as
the crowds grow. This wasn’t really an issue for us, but it may be for others
who really want a more quiet lunch atmosphere.

Prices at BTG are very comparable to the other lunch places in the area, and we
certainly felt that we got what we paid for.

After two successful and delectable visits, TS gives BTG a big thumbs-up, and is already planning another visit soon.

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One response to “A Lunch (Or Two) at Bistro To Go.

  1. Try to go when they are serving the shrimp and grits. It is some of the best I have had. But normal daily fair is very creative.

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