TS does brunch at Another Broken Egg Cafe

Last weekend, we had a hankering for brunch, and felt compelled to try the newest addition to the Shreveport breakfast scene, Another Broken Egg Cafe.

Popping into a hot, new restaurant right about noon on a Sunday was probably not the best idea. As you can imagine, the place was absolutely packed, and we were in for a 30 minute wait.

We loved both the location and decor of this cafe, and it definitely projects the image of an upscale, classy yet country eatery. Another Broken Egg Cafe seems to be the perfect place to take your grandma after church, or gather with friends after a long weekend of too-much-fun. The presence of a bar is definitely an added bonus. What is brunch without a Bloody Mary, Mimosa or some other “hair of the dog” to ease the pain of an encroaching Monday-of-doom?

Once we survived the gauntlet of the crazy wait time, N ordered the kids some Biscuit Beignets to tide them over. These tasty treats were served with a side of honey marmalade, which N thought was very tasty, but S avoided, because marmalade just isn’t in her vocabulary. On a side note, everyone around us seemed to be ordering the Blackberry Grits as an appetizer, and by the time we left, we were kicking ourselves for not trying it too, as it looked very interesting. Overall, the menu was incredibly diverse and appealing, and we had a very hard time deciding on just one dish to try.

Once the heathen children were appeased with beignets, we ordered our main dishes. N got the Cinnamon Roll French Toast, which quite literally looked like a heart attack on a plate. Thick slices of cinnamon roll were cooked French-toast-style, layered with cream cheese icing and fresh berries, and covered with some type of sinful cinnamon syrup sauce. Both N and S thoroughly enjoyed this dish, though we were probably in danger of going into sugar shock. We suggest a side of bacon to help cut the sweetness overload.

S ordered the Popeye’s Favorite scramble, which was basically scrambled eggs with spinach, onion and bacon. The dish included a side of “country potatoes” and an English muffin. S liked her eggs, but after eye-balling the various eggs benedict varieties around her, wished she had not played it so safe. Her eggs were tasty, and both N and S were pleasantly surprised by the potatoes. Though they appeared to be simply frozen potato cubes, they actually had surprisingly good flavor and texture.

The kids ordered pancakes off the kids menu, which came with the choice of bacon, sausage or eggs. They were in kid-pancake-heaven.

The only downside of our experience, other than the wait time, was the service. While we expected the packed restaurant to have less-than-stellar service as a result of the customer volume, our service was pretty poor, and our waitress was nearly impossible to flag down for either drink refills or our check. However, we acknowledge that this new restaurant was as busy as it gets, so we’ll reserve any permanent judgment on service until we’ve had more experiences in comparison.

As for price, this cafe is certainly on the higher end of the breakfast spectrum. It’s not Waffle House. However, with the higher prices came fresh, diverse ingredients, substantial portions and intriguing presentations. Overall, we got out of there for about 50$ and that included a mimosa or two.

All in all, we give an initial thumbs-up to Another Broken Egg Cafe and look forward to another visit.

Another Broken Egg Cafe on Urbanspoon


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