Quick Bite–TS snacks at Zocolo

On a recent night out, we wanted to duck in somewhere for a quick bite to eat prior to heading out for a cocktail or three at a local nightclub. We weren’t looking for a meal per se, both rather some solid grub that would fill the vacuums’ of our stomachs before we dropped a few City Bar Sazeracs in them…because that would have been an awesomely bad idea, don’t ya think? We’ve heard some positive things about Zocolo, and decided that it just might fit the bill.

Since we knew we were more in the mood for snacking, rather than a full-on meal, we grabbed a seat in the bar area. The interior was nice and eclectic, though the bar area was kinda plain. We saw people dressed in everything from dressy to super-casual. To get started, we ordered a round of House-Made Hummus and Happy Claws. Both N and S felt the hummus was ok as far as hummus goes, but we decided hummus just may not be our thing. However, compared to our limited hummus experience, it certainly was quality. The Happy Claws were a pleasant surprise, as they were a bit different from the usual marinated crab claws you’ll find around town. They featured a light, citrus marinade, which was tasty but not overpowering. They were served on a bed of greens that was large enough to act as its’ own salad, but we just bypassed this and polished the claws off quickly. We’re still not sure if all that greenery was meant to be part of the dish or the garnish, but we abandoned it in favor of trying something else. Besides, we probably did not want to pile Sazeracs on top of greens anyway.

After our apps, we were still somewhat hungry, so we decided to split the Black N’ Bleu pizza. The portion was plenty for the two of us, even if we had not had appetizers to start. The combo of the blackened sirloin with the cheeses was very flavorful (though sometimes strong, so if you are wary of bleu cheese, then you better think twice), and it was a great “bar food” meal.

The service in the bar was acceptable, but not spectacular. However, we both expect as much when we sit in the bar area of any busy eatery, as the bartenders still have to make drinks for the entire restaurant. Therefore, we reserve judgement on service until we actually have a regular dining experience.

Overall, we enjoyed snacking at Zocolo, and from our experience, we agree that we’ll have to make a return visit to check out their full dinner offerings. We fulfilled our mission, and went on to our next destination to have a cocktail or four.

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