TS Tries Windrush Grill…and Starts a Food Blog

We should have known from the get-go that this was going to be an adventure. Since we haven’t been around the part of town in which this new eatery is located, we trusted in our handy-dandy iPhone to get us there…and ended up in middle of a field off Wallace Lake road. Unless you live in extreme south Shreveport, we can say with confidence that Windrush isn’t a place you will be popping into…you have to really want to go.

When we arrived at Windrush, we were, in a word, confused. The decor and prices are upscale, but the menu is downright bizarre. A good chunk of the menu consists of burgers, salads, cheesesticks and wings, but smushed among this fare are a couple of steaks, calamari, a fish and a pasta. From the get-go, N felt the menu had split personality disorder. S agreed.

So, aside from the head-scratcher of a menu, what about this experience could have gone so horribly awry, that we were compelled to start a food blog? Well, it all started with a game of musical tables….

When we arrived at Windrush, the restaurant was only about 1/3 of the way full, and we had empty tables on either side of ours. Right about the time we got our wine, an employee rushes over and says breathlessly, “Can we move your table?” We were confused but agreed, and stood up as he dragged our table over about six feet, and rushed off. We actually had to pick up our chairs and carry them to our table. He and others quickly set up a few more tables, but the restaurant remained only mildly busy. Already, S was annoyed. Moving a customer in the middle of  their meal is one thing, but making them carry their chairs is…tacky.

Determined to move forward from this we ordered a cheese board, which was described as “variety of artisan cheeses served with seasonal fruits, crackers & crostini.”

Here in Shreveport, if you are going to put out a cheese board in a restaurant, then you dang sure better deliver. We diners want to see unique, quality, and wait for it, actual ARTISAN cheese. We do not want the shrink-wrapped havarti from Wally World.  And at Windrush, that is unfortunately what we got. Our cheese was not unique, not artisan, and led to our next dining disaster: S took a bite of one selection, only to pull a piece of the plastic wrapper out of her mouth that was still stuck to the bottom of the cheese. At this point, she went from annoyed to pissed, and N discovered that our Artisan cheese board came with  the thoughtful accompaniment of Welch’s grape jelly. Classy….real classy guys.

For entrées, S simply got a salad (again, she couldn’t recover from the plastic cheese), which was a direct and overpriced re-boot of Cantina Laredo’s cranberry-pecan salad (which you can coincidentally get at Wendy’s now, WITH CHICKEN for a mere 6 bucks). N’s entrée was so forgettable, we’ve since forgotten what it was.

For dessert, we got the noted Chocolate Sack, which was pretty, and mildly tasty, but required a butcher knife and a remake of Friday the 13th to disassemble it enough for actual consumption.

All in all, our experience at Windrush wasn’t that bad. It was confusing, laughable, disappointing and at over 100$ for the two of us, it was not an experience worth repeating.

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4 responses to “TS Tries Windrush Grill…and Starts a Food Blog

  1. Well, that was quite an experience. However I’m confused that at the end of the blog you said it wasn’t that bad??? And I hope that u dnt usually rely on your phone to guide u thru town and why didn’t u just call the restaurant for directions…u had ur phone??

    As far as the menu goes our family loves it. There is something for everyone and always very delicious. I think it even says on the menu ” American Classics with other indulgences”. Seems they nailed it with the variety.

    I can’t comment on the cheese board experience bc Iv never had one. I’ve seen it on the menu but never been interested. As for the “musical tables”, I say nobody is perfect. Obviously someone made a mistake. I wldnt sweat the small stuff.

    I’m not trying to be rude. All I’m saying is you shldnt just bash a small local business like that after only one visit. I’m sure if they new abt this they wld hav more than made up for your dining experience. You did contact the restaurant manager directly right???!!! All I’m saying is maybe you shld give them another chance. And if it doesn’t make up for anything then just politely decline any invitation to ever go again. Dnt completely bash them on a food blog. Tacky , really tacky guys.

    • Tasting Shreveport

      Well, anonymous, I think we both agree that we were pretty harsh on Windrush. And indeed, nobody is perfect. However, when we look at any restaurant, we look at the total experience, price and service. Musical tables can easily be forgiven, as can lapses in services. However, delivering food to patrons with the plastic still on is sloppy, and for the price, means we are definitely more judgemental than had this happened at Waffle House. We encourage your feedback, and may give Windrush a second visit if we continue to hear positive experiences from others.

  2. I disagree with your assessment of the Windrush Grill. Being moved is just something you have to put up with, it may be do to the table arrangements that they have. They can convert from intimate two tops to multi-seating very quickly, this is great for larger parties that are looking to be seated quickly. And I am sure that if S would’ve waited just a moment, the wait staff would’ve move the chair!
    Granted their pricing is a bit much for that area, but if you want to get a cheap meal you can always just go next door to the pizza place.
    The food I have eaten there has been consistently good. From the steaks, to the chicken to the seafood – I have eaten them all, including deserts (the chocolate sack is hard – but who would want a limp sack!)
    Sometimes mistakes happen, (plastic wrap) but if you contact the manager he will be happy to fix the problem and most likely comp your meal or a portion of it.

  3. I recently dined at Windrush for the first time. I went with the Fried Cheese app, Filet with Au Gratins and steamed Broc for main course, and The Cream Burlee to finish the lunch off. Though the menu is all over the place, it really tweeked my interest. It has a very diverse offering which I find pleasing when treating a large group to lunch or dinner.
    To start off, the fried cheese app was a great fried app dish. It was a welcomed and different take on regular cheese sticks. The marinara had a great flavor to accompany the fried cheese squares. The main dish, the filet, which is my go to dish on any menu was far less than desirable. Though the steak was cooked great (med-rare) the flavor was just not there. It had the flavor as if it was cooked over a sterno flame. The creme burlee was really good, I prefer a choc creme burlee but the Windrush menu offers a vinilla burlee and it was certianly enjoyable. The service was so so. Nothing really made the experience stand out among other places I have had around the Shreve\Bossier area. I will give Windrush another shot at capturing my respect with in the next couple weeks. I do believe I will be trying the Turkey Penini.

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